Associate Pastor Position Centennial, Colorado

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Associate Pastor Position Centennial, Colorado

Calvary Church Summitview Associate Pastor Position Centennial, Colorado

Calvary Church SummitviewCalvary Church Summitview in Centennial, Colorado, is seeking an Associate Pastor.

Job Overview

Purpose: To make joyful passionate disciples of Jesus by growing the shepherding capacity.

This pastor should love making joyful passionate disciples of Jesus as they oversee ministry teams. Our church affirms the Baptist Faith and Message 2000. We identify with the Southern Baptist Convention. This pastor will meet all biblical qualifications of an elder-shepherd and begin the process of becoming an elder as soon as he is hired.

Job Description

  1. Overseeing ministry
    1. Recruiting: asking individuals to pray about serving.
    2. Equipping servants of Jesus for more impactful ministry.
    3. Structuring the volunteer teams with infrastructure of expectations, communication and support to freely disciple.
    4. Working with staff ministry leaders by holding them accountable.
  2. Teaching and preaching ministry
    1. Preach 12 messages annually
    2. Contribute to the expository preaching calendar
    3. Strengthen the pulpit by cultivating preachers for our own churches and other pulpits.
    4. Teach or establish Sunday School
  3. Shepherding
    1. 1 note per family monthly in our attender/member list.
    2. 1 drop by per home quarterly.
    3. 1 get together annually per family.
    4. 6 hours a week of open time for people to drop by the church or my home.
    5. A discipleship/shepherding Next Step for every adult in the church.
    6. Available for crisis shepherding.
  4. Contributing to the team of elders
    1. Training and putting qualified elders forward to the church body.
    2. The elder team will hold the associate pastor accountable.
    3. Helping the team of elders to shepherd the church as a team and make decisions as a team according to the constitution and by-laws.
  5. Expectations of time
    1. 3 evenings of ministry and not more.
    2. 40 hours a week.

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