God is our Refuge and Strength Sermon | Psalm 16:1-6 | “God our Refuge and Protector”

God is our Refuge and Strength Sermon

Psalm 16:1-6 Sermon Text

“God our refuge and protector”


Man has problems  and needs that only God can solve (1)

  • David’s prayer,our prayer
  • Preserve (guard, protect, hedge me) me, O God
    • Emotionally
    • Physically
    • Spiritually
    • Relationally
    • Financially
    • Lord prayer, deliver me from the evil one
      • Lead me not into temptation
    • For the saint
    • For the sinner
  • O God
    • Why? Because we can’t preserve ourselves
    • We can only preserve ourselves so much
      • Rock bottom
      • Give up
      • Depression
      • Even suicide
      • “Remember, all the answers you need are inside of you; you only have to become quiet enough to hear them.” Debbie Ford, secular humanism at its finest
        • Only true if 1 corinthians 6:19 is true, that your body is the temple of the holy spirit
    • Psalms 121 describes why we pray to God to preserve us
  • So we have problems and needs and we understand that we have a God to preserve us, how do we access this help


We must take refuge in God (1b)

  • “In you I take refuge”
    • Tried to stay in cold apartment with heat off
    • Or imagine a tornado or hurricane ominously coming and staying outside instead of accessing shelter
    • We understand and believe God is a refuge, psalm 46 God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble, but the keyword in our text here is the verb, take refuge
    • We don’t just allow life to hit us with wave after wave, at somepoint we cry out like David and say “preserve me oh Lord in you I take refuge!”
  • How do we take this refuge?
    • Prayer
      • Psalm 34:15-17
      • Hebrews 4:16
    • Presence-worship, prayer, meditation, studying His word
      • Psalm 91
    • promise-It sometime seems like He isn’t preserving, that He isn’t providing refuge, in these moments we have to hold on to His promises
      • Numbers 23:19-20
      • Romans 10:17 hear the words of Christ in your situation daily


God in His role as refuge and protector is a privilege only for the saints (3-6)

  • The text assigns to sets of people and how God responds to them
    • Saints, whom He calls excellent ones and delights in
    • Those who run after another god, whom God won’t even say their name
    • What is their lot?
      • Sorrows, ignoring (4)
        • They are out in that proverbial storm without shelter
        • They try to get shelter and they are ignored
        • They are left to their own devices…
        • Their prayers are ignored
      • Trust in the Lord (5) , good outcomes and a beautiful inheritance (6)
        • They have put God in front of everything, like the child who believes it will be okay as long as they have their mother
        • Their eyes are on Jesus despite the storm
        • Nothing is larger in their eyes than their trust in God, not the diagnosis, not fear, not pain, not problems
          • Sounds like psalm 27:1-5
        • Not only can they rest in their faith and assurance, but God has given them what is good in their eyes (lines have fallen for me in pleasant places)
  • At the end of the day, this text is an ongoing text, as long as you are living.  
    • Verse 6b describes the saints as having a beautiful inheritance, lets use verse 2 to talk about this beautiful inheritance how to get it


2 I say to the Lord, “you are my Lord; I have no good apart from you”

  • Preach the gospel!


god is our fortress

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