Isaiah 9 Sermon

unto us a child is born sermon

Isaiah 9:6-7

Jesus the __________ series




Light of the world


Isiaiah 8:21-22 & 9:1-7


From gloom to glory


Mpt- Jesus came to rescue us from the darkness to the light of His kingdom and He not only rescues us from that darkness, but is our shining light to lead us back to Himself when we wander back and He is our defender that continues to beat the darkness back when it rears its ugly head.


Intro- vs 8:21-9:1


Who are the People & what is this darkness? Vs 9:2


What is the great light? Read vs 2

For those that have seen the light, do you have this joy? v3-4


Jesus is the Answer. v6-7

Christmas Sermon Isaiah 9


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