Pastor Position of Family Bellflower, California

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Pastor Position of Family Bellflower, California

Bethany CRC Pastor Position of Family Bellflower, California

Bethany CRC in Bellflower, California, is seeking a Pastor of Family & Discipleship.

Job Description

Job Description

Reports to: Lead Pastor

I. Qualifications

• The F & D Pastor must meet and be growing in the qualifications found in 1 Timothy 3:1-7 & Titus 1:6-9

• The F & D Pastor must demonstrate a clear call to vocational ministry.

• The F & D Pastor must have earned a Bachelor’s degree or higher (Biblical Studies or a ministry-related field desired). (Candidates near completion will be considered)

• The F & D Pastor must have sufficient ministry experience in discipleship ministries in every phase of life from teens to adults.

• The F & D Pastor must fully agree with our statement of faith (The New City Catechism) and either be a member of or desire membership with our Denomination (The Christian Reformed Church in North America). See and

II. Essential Competencies and Skills

• Strong oral and written communication skills.

• Strong administrative, organizational, and interpersonal skills. Able to ensure that all tasks are done correctly, thoroughly, and with precision.

• Strong technological skills and the ability to learn and work with multiple platforms while considering new digital solutions for ongoing improvement.

• A clear conviction that all God’s people are called to be disciples and make disciples. Should have some expertise in current discipleship methods and models as well.

• Loves to engage lost people with the gospel. Must have the ability to train others to share their faith.

• Maintain a humble spirit and commitment to teamwork with other pastors, staff, and church members, even if not immediately reflected in one’s job description.

• Maintains appropriate discretion and confidentiality regarding the personal information of the people of Bethany CRC.

III. Responsibilities and Expectations

The responsibilities of the F & D Pastor can be broken down into four major categories.

1. Youth (50%)

• Oversee and lead all youth and family ministries by partnering with volunteer leaders, engaging and fostering meaningful connections with students and parents, and continuing to build upon our relationship with Young Life ABC to make better and more faithful disciples of Jesus.

2. Groups (30%)

• In concert with the Lead Pastor, help develop and lead our church in a gospel-centered discipleship strategy from Youth Ministry to Adulthood that is consistent with the values and mission of our church. This means helping develop all Bible, book study, and life groups and creating an effective leadership training process for all current and future volunteers.

3. Outreach & Assimilation (15%)

• In concert with the Lead Pastor, help develop and lead our church in a strategy to engage, love, and minister to our immediate community. This means dreaming up and co-leading multiple community outreach events and helping create a strategy to ensure visitors feel welcomed, valued, and cared for when they do.

4. Equipping (5%)

• In concert with the Lead Pastor, help ensure that every member is well-trained to serve the church, share the gospel, and disciple others. This will require teaching, preaching, training, planning, and personal presence.

IV. Time Commitment/ Staff Culture

The F & D Pastor is a full-time/salaried position requiring between 40-50 hours per week.

Hybrid work model: We don’t have a structured “office culture.” Instead, it’s a mixture of working from home, cafes, and the office – as long as the work is done and mandatory meetings are attended.

Given a broader scope of responsibilities, the F & D Pastor will meet with the Lead Pastor weekly to align and execute ministry priorities, goals, and strategies. Likewise, the F & D Pastor must attend all staff meetings, churchwide activities, and any other strategic planning meetings that pertain to them.

V. Compensation

• Starting salary range will be between $40,000-$50,000 per year (plus benefits package).

• Benefits include housing, dental, medical, paid time, and holidays off.

Please send your Resume and Cover Letter by email.

Apply online at:…/pastor-of-family…

Bethany CRC

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Bethany CRC in Bellflower, California

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