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Youth Ministry Job Williamsburg, Virginia

Grace Covenant Presbyterian Youth Ministry Job Williamsburg, Virginia

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Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church in Williamsburg, Virginia is seeking a Youth Ministry Director. The Youth Ministry Director is a position established for both the benefit of the teens within the scope of ministry of Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church and for the person(s) serving in this position. Our hope is that the Youth Ministry Director will grow in grace and in the expertise of youth ministry, eventually expanding both leadership opportunities and ministry influence.

This job description is intended to provide reasonable parameters for this ministry and for the Youth Ministry Director. Some flexibility is to be expected as no job description can fully anticipate variables and opportunities. However, flexibility is not at the sole
discretion of the Youth Ministry Director. For any matter not addressed in this document consent must be received from the Lead/Senior Pastor and/or Session of GCPC.

➢ Direct and Coordinate ministry to students in grades 6-12.
➢ Build meaningful relationships across generations to encourage our students and their families in their faith.
➢ Develop heartfelt followers of Jesus Christ, cultivating substantive Christ centered faith, grace-shaped relationships with others, and gospel-driven service & mission to Greater Williamsburg and the World.
➢ Evangelistic follow-up with students who visit Grace Covenant, and engagement with un-churched friends of students involved with Grace Covenant (when appropriate).
➢ Coordinate & Recruit a team of volunteers to share in the ministry as Sunday School teachers and leaders, small group leaders, youth group leaders, mentors, interns, etc.


This position will begin at a date to be determined by Youth Ministry Director with agreement by Grace Covenant Church. The Youth Ministry Director will be evaluated at the end of the first calendar year, and at the end of each school year thereafter. Evaluation will be made by GCPC Senior/Lead Pastor, with input from Session, youth ministry volunteers, and other church members. Recommendations will be made at that time, including appropriate encouragements, and addressing possible growth areas, areas of needed development, and/or concerns (if/when necessary).

Area/Department              :    Student Ministries
Position                             :    Youth Ministry Director
Accountable To                 :   Senior/Lead Pastor, Session
Ministry Target Teens       : High School/Junior High
Minimum Maturity Level   : Mature Christian with evidence of ongoing growth
Spiritual Gifts                    :  Pastor/shepherd • Teaching
Best Personality Traits     :  Relational, Engaging, Energetic, Integrity, Dependable, Transparent, Teachable, Compassionate
Passion For :  God, Gospel, Teenagers, and promoting & cultivating an environment conducive for genuine spiritual growth
Compensation Salary & Full Medical & Dental Insurance. (Benefits are additional to salary, not taken from salary.)
Vacation & Sick Leave      :  2 weeks of vacation annually; dates to be approved by Senior/Lead Pastor, with reference to the church calendar. Additional leave possible with permission of Senior/Lead Pastor. Sick leave as needed. (Excessive or frequent absences subject to review.)
Education & Study Leave   : 1 week annual personal study leave, upon request, dates to be approved by the Senior/Lead Pastor,
with reference to the church calendar. Ongoing study (i.e. seminary, training conferences, seminars, etc.) is encouraged; details are to be worked out with Senior/Lead Pastor.

❖ The Youth Ministry Director is responsible for developing personal and redemptive relationships with teens connected to Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church, and for planning, coordinating and overseeing activities for teens to promote spiritual development and ministry involvement in a safe environment of fun, mutual trust, and deepening authenticity.

❖ The Youth Ministry Director is expected to be an active participant in the worship and the life of Grace Covenant Presbyterian Church.

❖ The Youth Ministry Director is expected to demonstrate evidence of ongoing Spiritual growth and personal maturity; and to conduct both private/personal life and public/ministry life with integrity, in accord the historic understanding of Biblical ethical & moral standards, as well as reflecting the grace of the gospel.

❖ The Youth Ministry Director is expected to be engaged in continued study – whether personal or formal.

❖ While holding the position Youth Ministry Director, all formal activities of the GCPC Youth must include at least one other adult volunteer, not related to the youth ministry director and, who has been approved by the GCPC Session. This requirement, which is in compliance with GCPC’s Child Safety Policies, is intended for both the safety of the teens in our care and the protection of the reputation of the Youth Ministry Director, and all other volunteers, against potential unfounded accusations.

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