Parable of the Talents Sermon

Luke 19:11-27 Sermon Text

“Be faithful with the deposit”

11-”near to jerusalem, and because they supposed kingdom was to appear immediately”


12-”went to a far country to receive a kingdom”


13- 10 servants “His followers”

13- He gave them

13- 10 minas- about 3 months salary, lets call it 5k

13- Engage in Business until I come- verb, use this to make gains, get busy with this, use this money to make money, buy sell and trade using this to make a profit, be fruitful using this


*1* What does the minas represent?


**2** What is the business that we are to engage in with Holy Spirit God has given us?


***3***We will give an account to God about how we were His witnesses and ambassadors


16-19  Hear is the criteria…God is looking for faithfulness!  

Read vs 26



14-hated him and sent a delegation



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