Sermon on Miracles of Jesus

Widows Son Sermon

Luke 7:11-17


“What is your nain?”


Main Point of Text-Jesus is a compassionate God that displays His power for His glory and our good.


main Point of Sermon-Jesus is our compassionate savior that can raise our dead places to life for His glory and our good.


*1*Our God is compassionate (13)

Compassion-he saw her, in that moment. Moved in the inward parts (heart) 

Mark 1:40-41 compassion on leper

Matthew 9:36 harassed and helpless like a sheep with out a shepherd

Psalm 34:18 near to the broken hearted, saves the crushed in spirit


*2* What is your nain? What is the dead place in your life that you need Jesus to touch? (14)


*3* God is still speaking and still visiting His people (14-16)

First we must understand, believe and know that He is still with us. (leads to seeking & dwelling in His word)


*4* God gone get His glory, let Him display it in you (15-16)

Psalm 33

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