Sermon on Rich Man and Lazarus

You Only Got One Life, Choose Rightly

Luke 16:19-31

The Rich Man and Lazarus Sermon Outline

First walk through the passage as the original listeners and then draw some application for ourselves.

What is the text about?rich man lazarus sermon


I believe this text is just as relevant for us today in the year 2021 as it was 2000 years ago as we think through our lives and pleasing God with them.

I want us to ask ourselves 3 questions based on the text today:


  1. Is God our greatest treasure or our stuff? 
    1. Always a good question in our 21st century, 1st world, western culture
      1. Jobs, bank accounts, addresses, retirement accounts, affiliations, toys, disposable income
      2. We can be distracted and drift away from God as our first love and our greatest treasure.
    2. Parable of the treasure hidden in a field
    3. Matthew 6:19-21 (lay treasures….where your treasure is….)
    4. Ask yourself is God your greatest treasure?  If not, figure out what is and move it behind in the pecking order mentally and practically.
  2. Are we loving our neighbor? 
    1. Hint-is anyone at your gate?
    2. Matthew 25:31-46
    3. Talk about there is always someone at the gate of your life that you can be ministering to.
      1. Physical, emotional, certainly spiritual
  3. Are we considering eternity?
    1. Next life is greater in importance than this life
      1. This life is short.  Anyone that is on the back 4th of their life can testify to this.  
        1. The paradox is that even though this life is short, it is what we do in this life that determines eternity
        2. What makes this an even weightier truth is that we do not know when this life will be over, but we do know that the next life is for-ever.
        3. Joshua 24 Choose this day whom you will serve!
          1. Rich man chose the riches of this life and his clothes and his comfort
          2. Psalm 17:13b-15 captures this choice between God and stuff perfectly
            1. Lazarus didn’t have anything. But he had God.  Richman had everything. But he didn’t have God.  Which one is better in your eyes?


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